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“Why are you looking so tired?” I asked my brother when he came to my home last Sunday. He seemed very low and told me that his new job made him exhausted. He had to work from morning till night and the heavy work placed great pressure on him.

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Last night, my niece paid a visit to me. After she went to Australia to continue her study, we seldom met each other. I missed her so much. She brought some gifts for me and told me that everything went well.

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My daughter is only seven years old but she becomes near-sighted. I am very nervous when I discover this phenomenon. I really have no idea of why her eyesight suffering such a sharp decline. It is painful and troublesome to wear a pair of kid’s glasses at such an early age.

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Recently, my son has requested financial support from me. I ask him why he needs money so eagerly but he refuses to tell me the exact reason. Surely, I also refuse to give money to him except he can offer a reasonable explanation.

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I placed an order on a pair of cheap prescription glasses from an online glasses store but after I completed the purchase process, I suddenly remembered that I wrote the address by mistake. I was in a hurry to finish the online shopping because there was a call on the telephone, so I typed in the wrong address. After I answered the phone, I closed the computer.

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